Month: November 2018

Riverdale Star Camila Mendes Used an Actual Pancake to Blend Her Makeup

There’s a new brunch beauty hack we never knew we needed, courtesy of Riverdale star Camila Mendes. An Instagram story posted on Friday by her costar Cole Sprouse captures the actress sitting with a plate of breakfast food at Pop’s Diner on the show’s set—when all of a sudden, she grabs a pancake and uses it to blend out her foundation.
Although we definitely don’t suggest trying it yourself—it seems like a waste of a delicious pancake, to be honest—it’s not the strangest thing people have used to blend their makeup: Ambitious beauty Instagrammers have tried all kinds of makeup sponge alternatives, including socks, tomatoes, and even a bra insert. At one point people had also made a thing out of wrapping beauty blenders in condoms.
Still, the video is gold, thanks to just how casual she is about repurposing her breakfast order. There’s no audio in Sprouse’s short clip, but you don’t need it to appreciate how Mendes gives “pancake makeup” a whole new meeting.

Mendes usually charms us with her hilarious social media game of trolling reported Riverdale lovebirds Sprouse and Lili Reinhart (we’re still laughing at her third-wheel meme from the movie Ghost). But she’s not the only Riverdale star with a thing for makeup tips: Earlier this year Glamour had Reinhart weigh in on several online beauty tutorials inspired by her character Betty Cooper’s looks on the show. We’ll have to wait and see if she has anything to say about using pancakes as makeup blenders.


Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch says her character is ‘definitely’ a lesbian

Actor Madelaine Petsch has said her Riverdale character Cheryl Blossom is a lesbian, having previously said that she is bisexual.

In a recent Q&A on her YouTube channel, Petsch said: “I’ve actually been talking to Roberto [showrunner] about it a lot and I think we’ve kind of figured out that Cheryl is a lesbian.

Madelaine Petsch previously said Cheryl is bisexual
Petsch’s character Cheryl got together with bisexual Toni Topaz towards the end of season two of the hit Netflix show.

Cheryl is consequently sent to have gay “conversion” therapy, but is broken out of the centre by Toni.

“I think we’ve kind of figured out that Cheryl is a lesbian. This is definitely who she is as a person.”

In another fan Q&A in March, Petsch had said her character was bisexual.

She’s still figuring out what her sexuality is,” Petsch said at the time.

Cheryl is definitely interested in both women and men, so I would say she is bisexual. I think you’re going to see a lot more of her figuring out who she is.



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